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News » 2010 » February » 3 » HexenHanced: Hexen Gameplay Remix (v1.2)
10:27:11 PM
HexenHanced: Hexen Gameplay Remix (v1.2)
Author: NeuralStunner
What it does:
- It affects the gameplay, of course! There are new strategies and attacks to get used to. If you're obsessive about "old school" Hexen, this mod is obviously not for you.
- All the original weapons have been updated with tweaked attacks and animations.
- They each have their own Alternate attack (for the AltFire button).
- They even have powered-up modes for use with Heretic's Tome of power.
- Graphics for the Tome, in the Hexen palette, have been added.
- "New" sounds are here too.
- A few additional items.
- Most of the rest of this file describes the changes in concise detail.
- I hope to modify monsters and items at some point as well.
Downoad here

Read more here, look screenshots

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