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2019-07-18, 8:43:00 AM, Thursday

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News » 2010 » February » 3 » The Hexen Force - 2nd beta released
10:43:01 PM
The Hexen Force - 2nd beta released

Author: NovaKiller

First release:

This has the first class in, the Doom guy, weapons that has been kinda replaced are the fighter weapons.
And yes, i have found a way to kinda restrict weapons.
You wont be able to get the fighter, cleric or mage weapons as marine ( doom guy )

Second release:
So the 2nd class is in, though Caleb is in too but without weapons.
Corvus uses clerics weapons as replacement.
Corvus uses Gold Wand as the first weapon.
Crossbow 2nd
Phoenix Rod 3rd
His assembled weapon is the powered up Hell Staff, the one that makes the rain.


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